French made

Because of its history and origins, our brand BIOPHYTUM is committed to producing all its products in France, France being a guarantee of quality.
At our scale, we contribute to the economic development of our country, by selecting our local subcontractors who themselves comply with French specifications and standards.


Natural Products

The brand BIOPHYTUM® is also positioned as environmental protector. Its products from biodiversity, are all designed with a minimum of 90% naturalness because what is good for our planet is good for us.

Good for her, good for you ...


An eco-responsible approach

BIOPHYTUM® is convinced that any brand must share a moral obligation to use their notoriety for the good of our planet in order to be responsible. We force ourselves to create new products in this way with an eco-responsible approach. Our first goal is to have quality products, getting close to 100% recyclable. Substances that can not be part of this process will be economically reinvested in an environmental protection approach.

BIOPHYTUM® is committed to collaborating and advocating for all forms of environmental protection. By collaborating with the brand BIOPHYTUM®, you participate in your scale to the protection of our planet.

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