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Natural and responsible care that purifies your skin and stimulates its natural defenses

This range represents Vitality. It is composed of our regulatory and soothing hair products for the natures of oily hair to help you space the shampoos while taking care of your hair. DETOX definition: Elimination of toxins and revival of vitality through the use of natural methods and products. 

DETOX 01 Le masque Apaisant 200 ml

This soothing mask is particularly suitable for damaged, dry, dehydrated and/or dull hair. Rich in Aloe Vera and Shea butter for good hydration. Also contains horsetail and burdock extracts for good regulation. Facilitates detangling and prevents the formation of split ends thanks to its natural conditioner. Cosmébio certified product. 99%+ of ingredients of natural origin. Made in France.

Price €16.50