Qualitative and natural must-haves to be combined for tailor-made care that suits you.

The gamme ESSENTIEL represents Purity and Quality. It is composed of our face products and our vegetable oils. By combining your products and the oils of your choice, concoct your own personalized care.


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micellar water cleanses and purifies the skin, removing all traces of creams, make-up and pollution. Very gentle, micellar water is suitable for all skin types. Rich in Cornflower Floral Water, it helps to decongest your skin. Contains organic rose extract for a good moisturizing effect. Cosmébio certified product with 99%+ of ingredients of natural...
ESSENTIELS 03 Le shampoing... ESSENTIELS 03 Le shampoing... 2
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Shampoo for all hair types enriched with Aloe Vera.Aloe Vera combined with the plant glycerin and betaine complex moisturises while horsetail extract regulates the sebum supply and strengthens the hair. Its complete yet scalp-friendly formula allows for frequent use.Cosmébio certified product with + 97% of ingredients of natural origin. Made in France.
Huiles Végétales

ESSENTIELS 04 L'Abricot 50 ml

Pure and natural organic apricot oil.Extracted from apricot kernels, apricot oil will be the ally of dull complexions and dry and tired skin by bringing a lot of radiance.Rich in vitamins A and E, softening and nourishing, it has made a place for itself in anti-ageing care.Very penetrating, it is widely used in massage oil.COSMEBIO certified product.Pure...
Huiles Végétales

ESSENTIELS 05 : L'Avocat 50 ml

Pure and natural organic avocado oil.Like the fruit, avocado oil is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins. It is known to help improve the elasticity and restructuring of the skin. Used since the dawn of time by the Aztecs in skin care, Avocado is a must for dry, very dry and mature skin.COSMEBIO certified product.Pure and natural organic vegetable...
ESSENTIELS 06 La Rosier... ESSENTIELS 06 La Rosier... 2
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Huiles Végétales

ESSENTIELS 06 La Rosier Muscat 50 ml

Pure and natural organic vegetable oil of rose hip.A regenerating and healing oil with anti-ageing properties, precious Rosehip oil mainly delights tired skin. Regulating and softening, it effectively protects the skin from dehydration.Cosmébio certified product.Pure and natural organic vegetable oil. 100% of the total ingredients are from Organic...
ESSENTIELS 07 Le jojoba 50 ml ESSENTIELS 07 Le jojoba 50 ml 2
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Huiles Végétales

ESSENTIELS 07 Le jojoba 50 ml

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Pure and natural organic jojoba oil.Moisturising, protective, anti-ageing and sebum-regulating, jojoba oil is a real goldmine! Used at all ages, it is highly appreciated for its benefits and its multiple uses, in skin and hair care or in massage oils.Cosmébio certified product.100% of the total ingredients are from Organic Agriculture. 100% of the total...
Huiles Végétales

ESSENTIELLE 08 : L'Amande Douce 50 ml

Pure and natural organic sweet almond vegetable oil  Organic sweet almond vegetable oil, rich in fatty acids and vitamins, is used as a nourishing and softening active ingredient for your skin and hair. This oil is ideal for all skin types. Very useful as a serum for the hair or in addition to your cosmetics.
Huiles Végétales

ESSENTIELLE 09 : Le Germe de Blé 50 ml

Pure and natural organic wheat germ vegetable oil. Wheat germ vegetable oil is popular for caring for the skin, hair and nails. Rich in carotenoids, omega-6 and vitamin E, it is nourishing, regenerating and helps prevent the signs of aging. Essential products for your skin
Trousse de 10 cotons... Trousse de 10 cotons... 2
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Cotton kit with 10 reusable, machine-washable bamboo fibre make-up removal pads for a more environmentally friendly and ecological make-up removal.Diameter: 8cm,Bamboo fibre make-up removal discs, supplied in a recycled cotton case.You can use them up to 1000 timesMachine washable between 40º / 60º.
ESSENTIELS 11 Le Sérum... ESSENTIELS 11 Le Sérum... 2
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This serum, with its pleasant fluid texture, enriched with hyaluronic acid and organic rose water, is designed for the delicate skin around the eyes.COSMEBIO certified product with over 99% of ingredients of natural origin.Made in France.
Crème et sérum

Damask Rose Hydrating Cream 50 ml

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