A Historic French Brand
Biophytum is the legacy of the Monternier perfumery, built in 1883 in Montpellier

We are a family business where 3 generations of perfumer enthusiasts had a great reputation in the region. Indeed, Montpellier had long competed with Grasse, France as a hotspot for perfumery.

Queen Marie Antoinette with her refined tastes, even had her appointed perfumer stationed in the centre of Montpellier (Ecusson).

The Monternier company distributed its products in many French cities including Toulouse, Perpignan, Béziers, Marseille and Paris, and even had an international location in London.

Our core products of Eau de Cologne, hair products and  creams, as well as the brand has developed over time and now wide range of quality products. But our flagship product of the brand is undoubtedly the Lotion Triomphante, now called Lotion Traitante. This product has experienced phenomenal growth since its creation in 1883 with unprecedented customer satisfaction and reviews.

A Natural, Organic Brand

Biophytum draws on a wealth of biodiversity.
Our products are all designed with more than 90% ingredients of natural origin and are certified Cosmécert, COSMOS ORGANIC & French manufacture.

A Caring Brand

Biophytum mainly uses bottles made from bioplastic or 100% recyclable plastic. We reject overconsumption. We sell our products at a fair price for the quality and do not subscribe to marking up products just to heavily discount them.

A Committed Brand

BIOPHYTUM is convinced that all brands must share a moral obligation to use their success for the good of our planet. We are committed to creating our products with this philosophy. We wish to go further than other Brands in this approach, as we join the 1% for the planet association by donating 1% of our annual turnover to environmental causes.

A Corporate Philosophy

Our company makes maximum use of recycled paper for the production of POS materials and packaging. Our shipping packages are also fully recyclable.

EPUREVIA réunis l’engagement de la qualité tout en protégeant notre environnement.
Plusieurs fois médaillée depuis 1883, la gamme traitante saura vous donner entière satisfaction et résoudra l’ensemble de vos difficultés.

Puiser dans la richesse des plantes pour créer des produits uniques, efficaces et éthiques.

Le pouvoir des plantes, la force de Biophytum

Composé à partir d’actifs végétaux, les produits de la marque continuent de lutter contre la chute des cheveux et les problèmes communs du cuir chevelu. Pellicules, démangeaisons, chute de cheveux, cuir chevelu douloureux… Biophytum utilise les plantes et en tire le meilleur pour notre bien-être.
Formulation à base d’actifs naturels et végétaux parmi lesquels : Arnica des Montagnes, Romarin, Camomille, Arnica, Sauge, Pin Sylvestre, Cression De Fontaine, Grande Bardane, Citron, Ortie Blanche, Lierre Grimpant, Soucis, Grande Capucine, Lavande, Eucalyptus, Mangoustanier, Tussilage, Thym, Yarrow, Lierre Terrestre, Houblon, Prêle Des Champs, Saponaire, Tussilage…